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Stressful start, Marvellous ending

I need a lie down after that. Yesterday was an outing to Sutton Coldfield to watch Chasetown host Bootle in their temporary home at Boldmere St Michaels, while the magic carpet was being laid down at The Scholars Ground.

The more astute among you will already be slightly intrigued about how I got to the game, given that Storm Babet (odd name, as usual for these storms) was wreaking havoc across the country. I trusted myself to wake up in time to meet RR at 12:00 to head to the station, but somehow I woke up with just nine minutes to spare (I'm a proper student) and ran around like a headless chicken, before realising the train we were supposed to get was cancelled anyway.

Eventually, we got the train one hour later, and ended up reaching the ground about 30 minutes before kick off. Do not adjust your sets, though, folks. I actually managed to get into the ground at the first time of asking. Paid, and in. It's the stuff of miracles. See the previous blogs for more information.

We then met up with the usual media clan. Is that the right word? Clan? Crew? Collective? People? Who knows (or cares)? We caught up on all of the info from the early kick off between Liverpool and Everton, where Salah scored two goals. Everton look to be edging closer to playing in their massive new stadium in the Championship, which will feel a bit odd.

Then, after a while, the referee tossed off in midfield (get your minds out of the gutter, you dirty git) and it turned out that we were stood at the wrong end, and had to make the mad dash to the other end.

We just about made it in time for the first bit of action, which was inside the first minute. We were stood right behind the goal and still didn't see or understand what happened. Chase whipped a corner into the box, Marv was at the back post with a keeper and a defender, the ball went in, and the ref disallowed it.... We think it was a foul but it could have been a good early goal there.

The first half was extremely dominant from Chase, but it was only Langy that split the difference between the two, with a penalty slotted home inside 20 minutes,

Ten minutes came. Then ten minutes went, and I was slightly hungry so decided to grab some scran before the half time rush. I thought I'd change it up a bit, so went for some chips with curry sauce at a price that some might say was quite high. It was, erm, £3.25 if I recall correctly.

As we all got our food and went back to our spot to the restart the game, I looked at my phone and saw some sad news. England World Cup winner and former Manchester United midfielder, Sir Bobby Charlton, has died aged 86. I am too young to remember him as a player, but I am very much aware of his impact on football. Not only on Manchester United, but on the footballing world more generally. His brother, Jack, said "the greatest player I've ever seen" when presenting him with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008. His impact and legacy will be remembered, forever. Thank you, Sir Bobby. Rest in Peace.

I'll be honest, it was all I could think about for the majority of the second half. Nothing else really mattered in my mind.

Bootle, and their 11 in particular, kept creating chances to test Wrenny in goal, but somehow none went in and it looked like it wouldn't be their day. Let me remind you, with ten minutes to go, it was Chasetown 1-0 Bootle. Now, strap in.

There was a handball in the box in the 81st minute, and Bootle finally got their chance. Robinson v Wren from the spot, and the former managed to edge past Wren and make it 1-1, although he did get his fingertips to it.

I'm pretty sure there were a few of us that thought that would be that. But Langy once again proved everyone wrong as he knocked in a diving header at the back post to make it 2-1 two minutes later. We've won the game, right? Right?

Hmmm. The ref gave Bootle a second penalty in the 86th minute for a foul by the right-hand post and we're all going mental. Don't get me wrong, it was a foul. But the situation itself was frustrating. Keeper guessed the right way again, but it wasn't enough, and Bootle were level again.


Then, something simply Marvellous came along.

On the 88th minute, Chasetown found themselves in a goalmouth scramble and Marvellous Onabirekhanlen (most people call him Marvellous because seemingly nobody can be bothered to pronounce his last name, or they call him Marv for short) knocked the ball into the back of the net to make it 3-2.

What a final ten minutes. 4-3 last week, 3-2 this week, intrigued to see what happens next. Does 2-1 continue the pattern or will it be a flurry of goals? Remains to be seen, but I need a lie down and a cider. Not at the same time, that would be insane.



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