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Spontaneous football

Well, I wasn't expecting to write another blog until the next FA Cup game, but here we are. An impromptu lads night out in Chesterfield, eh? What's not to love? Uni came calling for some of the lads, who ended up reporting on the game. So the rest of us just went along for a laugh and became Chesterfield diehards for 90 minutes.

The only bit that gets a bit of a mark down was the fact that it was a long walk from the station to the ground. It's not that I'm lazy (well, maybe I am) but some football grounds are so much easier when you can just get off the train and you can see the stadium straight away. It wasn't a big problem, though. We got a bit of cardio in, after all.

We arrived around 19:00, and guess what? For the third time in a row, I failed to get into the ground at the first try. Just a minor fault that the security said I needed the brightness all the way up for the barcode to scan. Maybe just devote a segment of this blog solely to trying to get into football grounds. Then, moments later, all but one of us were in, because his barcode wasn't working. Typical stuff, so he had to go to the ticket office to get his ticket. For some reason, we all ended up having paper tickets, and found out I was in seat 69 (wahey, make your own jokes, you immature buggers).

My first instinct when coming onto the concourse was to buy food (of course). A wide selection of food and I settled on a steak and ale pie, instead of the traditional burger. I've got to be honest, it was probably some of the best food I've had at a football match for a long, long time. This visit is going to get a high rating on the leaderboard.

Shortly after, we found our seats, which were right behind the goal and one behind the front row (above). Could get a face full of balls if we're not careful.

The game started before we knew it, and Bromley had the first chance of the game, forcing a top save from the keeper. Other than that, the first half didn't really offer much. Just like the current state of UK politics, the left wing tried to be dominant but couldn't find a way, while the bloke in charge of the right wing did barely anything while trying to look important.

To be honest, it may have been better than it looked, but behind the goal it was quite difficult to see what was happening at the other end, as it was all one-way traffic. In the first half, other than that opening chance, Bromley offered very little. They did have a free kick that was close to going top bins, but other than that, I can't really remember much.

Despite nothing happening, the atmosphere around was elite. I'm not sure any of the other stands were chanting as loud as we all were, but it was almost impossible to tell with the noise levels. I don't think they stopped singing all game.

Unsurprisingly, all the action was towards us this time, and we saw two goals. Quigley knocked a brilliant header in from an ever better delivery from the left hand side to put the Spireites ahead. Another header was bounced in about 15 minutes later from Taylor who headed the ball into the ground and net from a corner.

I have to say, it wasn't the best game. But the atmosphere, the food and stadium overall definitely made up for it. Evening out, with the lads. Maybe we should do these impromptu things more. Although, I guess they wouldn't be impromptu then, would they?



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