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Back again! It's even colder.

Even with thermals on, it was a chilly one yesterday, but it was absolutely worth it. The large majority of games got the dreaded P-P reading, other than those with artificial pitches that look mighty smug right now.

I had come along to Chasetown to watch their first game on their new artificial pitch and new facilities. It certainly didn't disappoint.

The ground was filling up quickly, helped by the fact that West Brom and Walsall's games were being shown on the TV's in the bar. Well, Baggies were. Walsall's trip up to Alfreton saw the game called off less than ten minutes before kick off.

So I imagine there were a few stragglers from other games, which helped.

After the standard pre-match procedure was followed (programme and a pie) I got in position and for once was not on reporting duties! Hence the lack of blogs, recently.

We had to shout to be heard as they had upgraded the tannoy system in the time we'd been away from "Blimy that's loud" to "fuckin ell lads that's pretty deafening" sort of levels.

Out came the teams before we knew it, and noted a lack of the usual "Right Here Right Now" by Fatboy Slim that normally plays, but never mind. We were underway.

Not a lot happened in the first half. Although to be honest, we were all a bit pre-occupied trying to figure out what Witton Albion were chanting. There was one bloke shouting "Come on Witton" in a similar tone to the "Come on England" meme, and every ten minutes or so there was a gaggle of them that sounded like were attempting a shit version the Haka.

I'll try and translate it. "Igga agga iya ya ya ag ia aaaa"

Something like that.

Other than that, on the pitch, Danny Glover hit the bar for Chasetown, and Witton scored on the stroke of half time. Wish I could describe it, but as I say, I was talking to somebody trying to figure out their chant, and missed their goal.

Second half was a lot better, though.

The announced attendance towards the start of the second half was 952, so hats off to everyone at the club for making it happen, and everyone else who trekked down on a freezing cold day.

Ten minutes later, they came on the tannoy and said there was an amendment to the attendance, it was actually 1,842. Turns out they forgot to include the extra turnstile on the announcement.

In the 51st minute, John Atherton drilled a shot low into the bottom corner to level the scoring, and Chasetown had their first goal back at home since April.

I must've had amnesia after that, due to the cold weather or something. I don't remember the next to goals going in, but it was 2-2 at some point.

Then, almost immediately after Witton equalised to make it 2-2, Sam Wilding shot across the floor and made it 3-2 to The Scholars.

Meanwhile, poor Manchester United players made sporting headlines yesterday after they were made to travel to the Newcastle game by coach for three hours after their flight was cancelled!

Maybe the entitled whingers should try a day of non-league.

Excellent win, brilliant facilities, amazing atmosphere, bloody cold.

It was well worth it though.

Will there be a blog next week? Who knows.


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